Wisdom In Chains @ The Underworld, London, United Kingdom

The Underworld Camden presents:

Wisdom In Chains

+ Ninebar + Pints + Misgivings + Firm Standing Law

The Underworld, London, United Kingdom

Friday 23 June  6:00 PM   Room: Main Room
£14.00   Entry Requirements: 14+. Under 16s MUST be accompanied by an adult
Entry Requirements: 14+. Under 16s MUST be accompanied by an adult
General Admission (e-ticket)
$20.00 (+$2.00 S/C)
Entry Requirements: 14+. Under 16s MUST be accompanied by an adult

Wisdom In Chains - www.facebook.com/WisdomInChainsPAHC
Wisdom In Chains formed in 2001 as somewhat of an international side project among members of PA/HC legends Krutch and Holland bruisers Dare Devil. The concept slowly took on a life of it's own and by 2005, Wisdom In Chains had solidified with a US lineup that was more like a hardcore "super group" than a brand new band in the scene.
The Pennsylvania underground officially had it's new voice. The bands second studio album "Die Young" was the soundtrack that crowned them as the undisputed kings of Pennsylvania Hardcore, a title which they still retain nearly 15 years later.
The bands subsequent releases run the gamut of profile labels like Eulogy Recordings ("Class War") and I Scream Records ("Everything You Know..."& "The Missing Links"); 2016 witnessed the bands much anticipated 5th studio album 'The God Rhythm", backed by buzz worthy Fast Break! Records.
The bands do or die blue collar work ethic paid off as they rose through the ranks and were soon doing main support tours with NY Hardcore royalty Sick Of It All and Madball among others. However, by 2010 Wisdom In Chains was headlining their own European tours and have become a key fixture on every worldwide Hardcore Festival.

Ninebar - www.facebook.com/NINEBAR-110393777975
Ninebar formed in the summer of 1997. Their goal was, and still is, to play the kind of music they enjoy listening to and to get into gigs for free. Ninebar have had a various lineup changes over the years but the current lineup is by far the strongest consisting of... TB - vocals, Fat Tom - vocals, Matty - guitar, Chris - guitar, Nicky - bass, Ollie - drums. They play loud and heavy hardcore with a distinct London twist.
Their last full length record "900" was released on Ruction Records in 2011 and their long awaited new EP will be out later this year.

PINTS - www.facebook.com/ukpints

Misgivings - www.facebook.com/misgivingsmelodicpunk
Founded in 2013 after a drunken chat at a squat show in Hamburg, misgivings combine a love of melodic punk, drinking beers and travelling.
The band now have a few records and tours under their belt, most recently a split on Headless Guru Records with Brighton Pop Punkers Szyslak.

Firm Standing Law - www.facebook.com/firmstandinglaw
90's influenced straight edge hardcore band Firm Standing Law hail from the South East and have a lineup featuring members of Cold World, Repentance and more. In the short time they have been around the have already released a demo last year and a EP this year that was picked up by labels worldwide. www.firmstandinglaw.bandcamp.com