Random Trip

Random Trip

Random Trip is Hungary’s first concert series that is purely based on the ‘there and now’ as its 100% improvised music, taking the audience literary on a ‘Random Trip’. This year they are celebrating their 10th anniversary and is voted as one of Budapest best music events for Tourist to visit every Tuesday.

During the last decade, they have collaborated and invited musicians from, Jamiroqaui, Incoginto, Bassment Jaxx, Amy Winehouse, tower of power, Sigma live, DubFX, freestylers.

Their style incorporates all genres from Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, d’n’b, folk, hiphop and much more.

In respect to the 1956 revolution (which is a national holiday in Hungary), Random trip brings the freedom of improvisation to the Underworld in Camden to celebrate FREEDOM.

The concert is supported by NKA.

This is an 18+ event.

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