Live Streaming - The Underworld

Live Streaming


All live streaming is handled in partnership with our streaming platforms partner – Hot Rad TV. Full remote live stream operation, broadcast & delivery, all to


  • 2 PTZOptics PT20X-NDI-ZCAM 20X-NDI | HX 1080p ZCAM Box Camera
  • PTZOptics PT20X-NDI-GY 20X-NDI NDI®|HX 1080p PTZ Pro Broadcast
  • Camera operator; Black Magic Design 4K Pocket Cinema Camera (Cam ops can be added as requested. Please contact for more info)

PTZ Controller

  • PTZ Optics: SuperJoy IP PTZ Camera Joystick

Vision Mixing

  • 1 Roland V1-HD High Definition Video Switcher
  • Epiphan Pearl2 all-in-one Rackmount (Remote Operation)

Monitors & Floor Reference FOH

  • Blackmagic Video Assist 7” 3G HDR

Video Record

  • Blackmagic Video Assist 7” 3G HDR
  • Epiphan Pearl2 all-in-one Rackmount (Remote Operation) Internet


  • Stream-dedicated 1GB fibre connection out of building

Hot Rad TV production costs are never passed onto bands. Streams to are available to users as either free-to-air broadcasts, or ticketed live streams. Get in touch for user access pricing & platform ticket structure guidelines.

In addition, Hot Rad TV also offers bands the opportunity to sell exclusive live stream only merch options to users before, during and after the live stream. All printing and fulfilment handled by Hot Rad TV in the UK. Items hand screen printed. Contact us for any alternative fulfilment requirements.

A live chat show “Boost” function (donations/tipping) is also facilitated through the Hot Rad live stream platform. Only available during a live stream broadcast.

Contact for any queries.