Production - The Underworld



Capacity up to 500

Fully air-conditioned

3am license

Canned lighting rig

2 band dressing rooms with shower and direct access to stage

Stage size

Area 6.5 x 7.5m

Stage height 76cm (30″)

Clearance(height to ceiling) approx. 2.5m

Sound Specification

Front of House PA

3-Way Active System

4 x TW Audio T24N Mid/Hi Cabinets
6 x TW Audio 30 Sub-Bass Cabinets


Mix Position:

Mix position is as central as possible to the stage location and elevated by about 1.5m due to the structure of the building.



  • FoH Desk – Soundcraft Vi2000 with Digital stagebox on stage. 
  • No external outboard.


  • Monitor Desk – Yamaha QL5

Monitor position is stage left. 

The house monitor desk is connected via 32ch analogue passive split. The tails are 5m. 

Outputs for wedges are analogue feeds on XLR. 

Maximum 6 monitor mixes in total on stage plus a 7th feed for the drum fill sub. 


Tie lines run between FoH and monitor position for: 

  • 2 x spare analogue (on XLR-M and XLR-F at both ends)
  • 3 x spare CAT5e on RJ45 (suitable for MADI-CAT5, Dante, AES50, comms and IP based control)

Centre Fill:

The centre speaker is fed via the LR main system feed – it is not from a desk Matrix or a separate Centre bus.

This LR-Sum has its own level control next to the house desk.



Stage power for backline is provided via 2 x 16a Single Phase Ceeform connectors with breakouts for 13A UK.

On stage there is a spare 32A Single Phase Ceeform for external power requirements.

At FOH position here is a spare 16A Single Phase Ceeform power socket for sound power only.

Please note:

ALL external equipment must be PAT tested in accordance with the venues rules and regulations. Details can be provided on request.

European/Schuko power: we can provide European power strips for backline and FOH equipment.US power: please note we can provide only ONE step down transformer with 2 sockets for stage use.



LR system (no separate sub feed)

  • 4 x TW AUDiO T24N (2 per side)
    • Per side (T24N 90×50 degree, T24N 60×40 degree – positioning is optimal from tests – moving the speakers will cause changes to system performance)

Centre Fill

  • 1 x TW AUDiO T20i (90×50 degree)

Subs under stage

  • 4 x TW AUDiO B30 subs (2×15”)
  • 1 x TW AUDiO BSX Sub (2×21”)

All driven by Lab.gruppen amps with Lake Processing. 


Stage Monitors – 6 mix + 1 sub feed

  • 6 x TW AUDiO C15 (15” coaxial stage wedge)
  • 1 x TW AUDiO B18 (Drum Full Sub)

All driven by Powersoft X series



2x Shure Beta 52

1x Shure Beta 91A

3x Rode NT5

3x Shure SM57

2x Shure Beta 57A

5x Sennheiser e604

7x Shure 58

3x BSS active DI box

6x Emo passive DI box

Various stands, cables and stage boxes.


DJ Equipment

2 x Pioneer Multi-Player CDJ-900 Nexus

1 x Pioneer DJM-900SRT Serato DJ Edition Professional Mixer

You can plug your laptops/mp3 players etc directly into our mixer via mini-jack but NOT your USB memory sticks.

Note: In-house DJ decks are within the FOH booth, and can NOT be moved to stage. Please provide your own decks if stage positioning is needed.

Lighting Specification

Chamsys MagicQ Desk Console

4 x 6 Way 10 Amp Qpack dimmers

16 x 1K Par 64 c/w CP 61 or Cp 62 bulb

8 x 300w Par 56

6 x Trackspots

2 x MultiRay Effect Lights



Goods load in/out facilities

No parking Monday to Saturdays 07.00-19.00hrs

Maximum 20 minutes of loading/unloading 10.00-16.00hrs


Peavey – 4×12 Slant Cabinet x 2

Marshall – 4×12 x 2

Orange – 1 x CRPRO120H – 120watt Guitar heads
Orange – 2 x PPC212 – Guitar speakers cabinet
Orange – 1 x BT500H – 500 watt Bass head
Orange – 1 xOBC410 Bass Speakers Cabinet


Drum Kit – Yamaha Stage Custom / Pearl Export
18 x 22, 16 x 16, 12 x 8, 10 x 7
and two 14 x 5 snares (Yamaha Wood Shell & Pearl Export)


Venue layout/floor plan