Capacity up to 500
Fully air-conditioned
3am license
Canned lighting rig
2 band dressing rooms with shower and direct access to stage

Sound Specification

Front of House PA
3-Way Active System
4 x TW Audio T24N Mid/Hi Cabinets
6 x TW Audio
30 Sub-Bass Cabinets

Amps and Crossovers

2x BSS FDS-360 Crossover (running 3 way
1 Lab Gruppen x D200 4L Amplifier
1 Lab Gruppen x D120 4L Amplifier

Mixing desk

FOH: Soundcraft MH4 32 console with theatre EQ


1 x BSS 966 Graphic EQ
1 x SPX2000
1 x TC Electronc M-One
1 x TC Electronic D-Two
2 x DBX 160XTs compressors
1 x Drawmer DL221 Stereo Compressors
1 x DBX 166xl stereo compressor
4 x Drawmers DS201 Stereo Noise Gates


4 Bi-Amped Mixes Comprising
4 x Bi-Amped Wedges (15’+2′)+ Drum Fill:1 x Bi-Amped Wedge (15’+2′), Sub

Amps and Crossovers

1x BSS MiniDrive FDS 336T Crossover
2x BSS MiniDrive FDS 334T Crossover
5 x C-Audio RA-3000 Mixing Desk

Monitor: Soundcraft MH3 32/10 outputs


3 x BSS FCS 966 stereo graphics

DJ Equipment

2 x Denon DN-D4500 rack mounted CD Players.
1 x RC-D45 remote controller.
1 x Formula Sound SX-1 mixer.

You can plug your laptops/mp3 players etc directly into our mixer via mini-jack but NOT your USB memory sticks.

Please note: This rig is permanently fixed in our Front of House DJ booth. It cannot be moved to on-stage position. If our system is insufficient- for example if your DJs are performing on stage and/or need monitors or need Pioneer cdjs with USB inputs you will need to bring your own cdj/mixer rig. With prior arrangement we can help you with this, provide a monitor engineer to set up and sound check any additional equipment you bring in for your event.


2 x Beta 52
3 x Beta 57A
4 x SM 57
6 x SM 58
5 x Seinheiser 604’s
2 x AKG SB300 with CK-91 Capsules
1 x Milab VM-44
2 x BSS AR116 Active Dls
6 x EMO e520 Passive Dls

Microphone Stands

10 x Long Boom
6 x Short Boom

Lighting Specification

Click here to view the lighting layout & Spec. Which consists of:
Titan Mobile at FOH with a touch screen PC.
6x Chauvet 335 Spots in 14ch mode – The addresses are done from SR-SL (1,15,29,43,57,71)
Dimmers which are patched from 001 on a separate universe. Touring power is 1x16amp cee form at FOH. 30m cable needed to get to stage.

Stage size

Area 6.5 x 7.5m
Stage height 72cm (28″)
Clearance(height to ceiling) approx. 2.5m


Goods load in/out facilities
No parking Monday to Saturdays 07.00-19.00hrs
Maximum 20 minutes of loading/unloading 10.00-16.00hrs


Peavey – 6505 Head Peavey – 4×12 Slant Cabinet x 2 Marshall – 4×12 x 2

Orange – 2 x CRPRO120H – 120watt Guitar heads Orange – 2 x PPC212 – Guitar speakers cabinet Orange – 1 x BT500H – 500 watt Bass head Orange – 1 xOBC410 Bass Speakers Cabinet

Drum Kit – Yamaha Stage Custom / Pearl Export 18 x 22, 16 x 16, 12 x 8, 10 x 7 and two 14 x 5 snares (Yamaha Wood Shell & Pearl Export)

Robert Parker 7